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Alaska Protective Order Attorney and Domestic Violence Defense

Domestic violence can occur at any point in a relationship, but often it escalates during a breakup, or is the catalyst for divorce or custody actions.

The Law Office of Maurice N. Ellis represents victims of domestic abuse, as well as the accused. He can help to obtain a protective order when your safety is threatened. He can also help defend you if wrongly accused of domestic violence or help to fight overly restrictive orders and the harsh consequences of a finding of domestic violence.

Maurice Ellis is a solo attorney who has concentrated in family law since 1993. He serves men and women in Anchorage, south central Alaska and statewide, including many military personnel stationed here.

Alaska Protective Order Attorney
If you have been assaulted, stalked or threatened by a spouse, ex-spouse, dating partner or member of your household, Mr. Ellis can help you file for an emergency protective order. The order will typically require the abuser to move out of your home, and have no further contact with you or your children without permission of the court. This will be followed by a court hearing on whether to continue, terminate or modify the protective order.

Anchorage Domestic Violence Attorney

Accusations of domestic violence must be taken very seriously because of the drastic consequences:

  • A judge’s finding of domestic violence can bar you from child custody or visitation
  • Criminal charges of assault, stalking, threats or other domestic violence can result in a misdemeanor or felony record.
  • Violating a domestic violence protective order results in more legal trouble
  • Persons convicted of domestic violence cannot possess firearms or obtain hunting and fishing licenses.
  • Military and law enforcement personnel accused of domestic violence may be subject to court-martial or termination.

Maurice Ellis will represent you in court to fight the protective order. He will argue to dissolve the order, or at least modify it to allow you to have contact and visitation with your children.

He will also represent you in the court’s inquiry into the domestic violence allegations. A judicial finding of domestic violence is enough to take away your custody rights — even if no protective order is issued and even if no formal criminal charges are filed.

False or exaggerated claims of battering are commonly leveled in divorce actions to gain edge in contested proceedings, especially custody and visitation. Mr. Ellis will make sure that the court hears the other side of the story. When appropriate, he can also help clients restore custody privileges through the completion of substance abuse treatment or a batterer’s intervention program.

• Read more about this topic at the Alaska Court System’s domestic violence resource page.

Experienced Lawyer for Domestic Violence Cases

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