Anchorage Child Support Lawyer

Alaska Child Support Modification Attorney

Child support is largely dictated by statutory guidelines. However, there are times when you may need a lawyer to ensure that child support is correctly calculated, to modify the level of support at a later date, or to enforce the law if the owing parent is not paying court-ordered support.

The Law Office of Maurice N. Ellis handles all family law matters, including child custody and financial support of children. Mr. Ellis represents either parent in petitions, hearings and contested proceedings. Based in Anchorage, he serves clients throughout south central Alaska and statewide, including many military personnel and their civilian co-parents.

Anchorage Child Support Attorney

Maurice Ellis has practiced in divorce and family law since 1993. He is extensively familiar with all child support matters and can answer all of your child support related questions such as:

  • Initial determination — Because child support is calculated based on a percentage of income formula, the court needs accurate information to set the level of support. Do you suspect your spouse or co-parent is hiding income? What will be considered income for child support purposes? What if one of the parties is voluntarily unemployed or underemployed? Are there reasons to deviate from the guidelines?
  • Custody and support — Child support is reduced in shared parenting arrangements, defined as at least 110 overnights per year or more. Are you seeking additional parenting time? Is the other parent trying to get extra visitation just to pay less child support?
  • Modification — Child support can be adjusted upward or downward based on the parents’ financial situations. There must be a significant change in circumstances such as (involuntary) job loss or a promotion or better-paying job. Do you qualify for adjustment in the amount of child support you pay or that you receive?
  • Enforcement — If the other parent is not paying child support, what are your enforcement options?
  • Paternity — We represent both mothers and fathers in paternity actions seeking to establish paternity and the resulting child support issues. If paternity is established, when will child support begin?

We Can Answer Your Questions About Alaska Child Support

The Law Office of Maurice N. Ellis provides knowledgeable counsel and experienced courtroom representation for child support and all related disputes. Call 907-258-1239 or contact us online to arrange a consultation. We offer a 10 percent discount to active duty military personnel.