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There is a reason they build big courthouses. Many couples start with amicable intentions, but soon discover that disagreements over property or children are not so simple to resolve. Sometimes a spouse is intent on litigating or unwilling to engage in productive negotiations. In other words, you may be in for a courtroom fight whether you want one or not.

The Law Office of Maurice N. Ellis will work to reach a settlement but, from the beginning, Mr. Ellis prepares for trial so that you are positioned to protect your interests if your divorce cannot be resolved out of court.

Operating since 1993, the firm represents men and women in Anchorage, south central Alaska and statewide in contested divorce and dissolution of marriage, including military divorce. Many clients are military personnel or civilian spouses, and Mr. Ellis commonly represents out-of-state clients.

Experienced Anchorage Divorce Attorney

Trial lawyer Maurice Ellis has litigated high-asset divorces and every complicating factor of divorce, including complex property division, disputes over child custody, disputes over income in determining child support and litigation of spousal support.

If you and your spouse lived together in Alaska for six consecutive months at some point during the last six years, your divorce may fall under Alaskan jurisdiction, even if one of you no longer lives here.

Dissolution of marriage (Alaska’s version of uncontested divorce) requires that you and your spouse agree on all matters of property, debts, custody, visitation, and financial support. If you have no custody disputes and few assets to fight over, Mr. Ellis can help you work out the details of a dissolution.

If you have attempted dissolution but it was not successful, we will file the complaint for a contested divorce action. This establishes timelines for temporary hearings, discovery and trial. Even if you have filed for divorce, you may still reach an out-of-court settlement. If your case does proceed to litigation, Mr. Ellis will give you a realistic expectation of the outcome, and he will have a plan to defend your interests and achieve your agenda.

Domestic partnerships — Alaska does not recognize common law marriage, gay marriage or civil unions. However, the courts do recognize property settlement agreements between same-sex couples or unmarried cohabitants. In the absence of such an agreement, “joint property” disputes get very complicated. Mr. Ellis can explain your rights and litigation options for your specific situation.

Take Charge of Your Divorce

In a half-hour consultation, in the office or by phone, Maurice Ellis can answer any question about your Alaska divorce or dissolution. His firm accepts most major credit cards, and offers a 10% discount to active duty members of the military. Call 907-258-1239 or e-mail him today to arrange a consultation.