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The Law Office of Maurice N. Ellis is focused on you, the client. The goal is to provide you courteous, professional legal services tailored to your needs in a prompt and effective manner.

It has been Mr. Ellis’s experience that most people are unfamiliar with the intricacies of family law, which adds to the anxieties if you are involved in a legal dispute. His goal is to take some of the emotional stress off of you and your family by helping you understand the process, your rights, your options and your responsibilities under the law.

Maurice N. Ellis represents women and men in the greater Anchorage area and statewide, including military personnel stationed in Alaska. Contact him today to arrange a consultation.

Anchorage Alaska Family Law Attorney

Our complete family law services include:

Beware the Lawyer Who Says “I’ll Get Back to You on That”

You undoubtedly have many questions, and it is important that you have good information and sound legal advice as you face these family law matters. The links below provide useful resources as you prepare for court proceedings, but they are not a substitute for the counsel and representation of an experienced attorney.

For answers that address your specific circumstances, you are invited to call the Law Office of Maurice N. Ellis at 907-258-1239 or e-mail Mr. Ellis to arrange a consultation. He can knowledgeably address any question you have and capably represent you in negotiations and in court.

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